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TWOWL assists organizations in securing their network, applications and websites by detecting threats in real time. Our philosophy is unassuming – Organizations stay secured when internal threats and external threats are blocked, countered and negated. Owls are epitomes of wisdom and intelligence.

The TWOWL philosophy provides for the ‘watchful eyes’ to ensure that Organizations stay secured from Internal and External threats. Internal threat implies vulnerabilities in the network as well as data leakage, and, External threat implies the actions by cybercriminals who take advantage of the vulnerabilities in the networks and websites.


Complete security is assured only if the digital assets are secured too


TWOWL provides sustainable security lifecycle solutions supported by effective tools and constant reassessment to achieve the desired security level by introducing security measures into the different domains. Organizations have evolved to become Digital. Traditional security tools are not sufficient for today’s challenges. Protecting data is still the big challenge. Stronger security and management solutions are required to protect the valuable information of organizations. Our cyber security solutions and services are custom-designed to safeguard your business technology and data assets from insider and outsider threats.

  • Infrastructure security services and managed security services with option of shared, dedicated and hybrid engagement models.
  • Monitoring and remediation services for a network having servers, networks, applications, databases, mobiles and tablets; configured with Endpoint Detection Protection and Response, Identity Governance and Administration, Managed Detection and Response, TWO- Factor Authentication, End Point Protection & Enterprise Mobility Management.
  • Security Operations Centre (SOC) for Banks and NBFC’s.
  • Breach detection and Alerting by monitoring credential leaks, customer data and payment transaction data
  • Litigation assistance by offering customers the insights of latest cyber cases and related information which were used for filing documents in cyber cases
  • Cyber Security Forensics to get insights of any kind of cyber incidents that would have occurred, by enabling the latest FTK methods to support all kinds of forensic needs.
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Application Security Testing
  • Web-Application Security Testing
  • Software Application Security Testing
  • Network Architecture Security Review
  • Configuration Review and System hardening
  • Network Security Audit
  • Certification for Websites, Networks & Applications
  • RBI Cyber Security Framework for Banks
  • RBI Guidelines for Payment Aggregators & Payment Gateways
  • RBI – Cyber Security Framework for Urban Cooperative Banks
  • RBI – Cyber Security Framework for NBFC Sector
  • SEBI Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience Framework
  • Insurance Self Networking Platform (ISNP)Security Audit
  • SOC for Hospitals.
  • Secure Network , Secure transmission of data, Transforming the legacy systems of Hospitals into modern, efficient, and responsive systems, Protection of confidential records of patients.
  • Preventing Med-jacking. (Med-jacking is a medical device hijack. This hijack can allow attackers to create backdoors in hospital networks and exploit the main healthcare systems by breaking into the unpatched and outdated medical devices. Hackers are aware of the fact that medical devices have no such threat detection mechanism thus giving them no visibility or control. Medical devices such as MRI, ventilators and are directly connected to computers and once they get a hold of the devices, it might lead to them getting access to all the vital medical records. The consequences of hacking devices can lead to the display of faulty results giving incorrect diagnosis and even jeopardising patients’ life, maligning the reputation of the equipment manufacturer and also impacting the reputation of the Hospital).
  • Compliances on the lines of HITECH Act (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act).
  • Compliances on the lines of HIPAA Act.
  • Cyber-attacks or human error which cause unauthorized changes to the Pharma manufacturing process can adversely impact the quality of the product which can lead to revenue losses and reputation damage.

TWOWL are implementation partners of System Integrators who are awarded IT Infrastructure Projects by Government departments as well as large Enterprises. From a technology viewpoint we execute the Project to establish a reference architecture as envisaged, specifically detailing all the systems and applications that the Project wants to have integrated. We thereafter create a road map and implementation plan that prioritize the IT projects and focus on completing the task within the stipulated time. We provide Unified connectivity across API-led connectivity enabling the organization to connect devices, data and applications anywhere they want, whether on premise, in the cloud or a hybrid of both. Integrations can be designed, run, managed and analysed on the same platform. At every step of project-implementation, we shall assess the current integrated infrastructure and capabilities, and, from the information gathered, we shall design the appropriate support model, determining the system-administration roles and training that would be required for the system administrators.